I have almost 4 years of experience working at different startups as a software engineer. I like finding solutions to problems; I am curious about new and existing technologies which help transform my ideas to something incredible on a screen. I have mostly been a full stack engineer inclined more towards Front-end technologies. I believe I have meticulous attention to detail when it comes to building or designing something.

Apart from coding, I also like gaming, reading books, and watching sci-fi movies.


E-commerce website

Developed using React framework, Html and CSS.

Recipe webpage

Recipe page developed using JavaScript, Html and CSS.

Chatbot for a Pizza joint

Developed a chatbot which chats with the user, takes orders for pizza, provides tracking number which can be further used to track the order placed. Used Django framework along with SQLite database to store details and vanilla JavaScript for the UI, deployed on the server using Nginx.

Bank details API Client

Developed using the Flask framework; get details about a bank such as bank name, bank address, city, IFSC, based on IFSC code or bank name.

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